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Adventure calls in Monteverde. Here is a place to encounter hundreds of bird species, iconic frogs and a mystical environment where nature thrives in its rawest form. With two Cloud Forest Reserves on our doorstep, venture into the trees to discover a rare ecosystem up-close, or experience the living, breathing masterpiece from above. Beyond the forests, butterfly farms, coffee estates, cheese factories and cacao plantations make for a highly memorable Monteverde experience.

The Best of Monteverde
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Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
Home to eight different biological zones and several thousand animal and plant species, this reserve is a nature-lover’s paradise. Bring your binoculars to see the resplendent quetzal and the bellbird up close, and keep your eyes peeled for iconic tree frogs, endangered jaguars and monkeys.
Cloud Forest Canopy
Experience the misty cloud forest from another angle with the mountain Sky Tram, the famous hanging bridges of the Sky Walk or the exhilarating Sky Trek zipline. Not for the faint-hearted!
Coffee & Cacao
From bean to cup and bean to bar, learn about the fascinating history of Costa Rican coffee and chocolate. Try your hand at making some sweet sugar cane juice too.
Night Walk
Experience the magic of the cloud forest by night as you uncover the hidden world of its enigmatic nocturnal creatures. An unrivalled opportunity to see frogs, kinkajous, and other bright-eyed critters.
Horseback Riding
Trot and gallop along scenic forest trails and up into the lush mountains. You’ll pass through banana and coffee plantations too on your ride through the beautiful Monteverde hills.
Quaker Culture
Founded by American Quaker settlers in 1953, visit Monteverde’s famous Cheese Factory for some deliciously smooth ice cream and a taste of the town’s unusual history.

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Adventure Beyond The Clouds

“While there are tons of great activities to do in Monteverde, just going for a simple hike through the cloud forest is a spectacular, magical experience in itself.”

– The Culture Trip

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