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Everyday Sustainability

At Senda Monteverde, sustainability is part of our DNA and design. It guides our everyday decisions, and plays an important part in our guest experience. Explore some of our highlights here.

No Plastic Policy

We're single-use, plastic-free and proud

At Senda Monteverde, we’ve made the conscious decision to create a hotel free from plastic water bottles.

They take vast quantities of fossil fuels to produce, and are non-biodegradable. More often than not, used bottles do not get recycled either and far too many end up in the oceans we love.

We instead encourage our guests to use reusable bottles, also available at the hotel. We have also shunned single-use plastic straws in favor of locally-made bamboo stalks.

They’re compostable which helps us reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste produced at the hotel.

Green By Design

We’re teched-up and energy efficient

One way we do this is by putting our mountain sunshine to good use through solar panels which heat water for our guest rooms. Your showers will always be hot!

If it happens to be cloudy, we have energy-saving auxiliary water heaters as a backup. We work hard to keep our footprint as small as possible.

Biodegradable Cleaning Products

Harsh chemicals? They’re not our style

Warning! Flammable! Toxic! With labels like these on many conventional cleaning products, keeping it eco is a no-brainer for us.

The fully biodegradable products we use don’t contain hazardous chemicals so they won’t adversely affect our ecosystem or us.

Home-Grown & Gourmet

Naturally delicious food from close to home

We believe that provenance is the key to a quality meal. That’s why at Senda we source our ingredients from as close to home as possible, serving you tasty dishes without racking up thousands of food miles.

We work closely with our local suppliers to ensure that every product is organic, that every chicken is hormone-free, and that every cow is grass-fed.

What’s more, your breakfast eggs will be free-range, and your fish will always be responsibly-sourced.

This way, local farmers and fishermen who do things right can live sustainably while you enjoy truly home-grown and gourmet meals at El Sapo Restaurant.

Sustainability in Action

“The hotel’s no plastic philosophy was a first for us but we totally approve! We could sure learn a thing or two from Costa Rica back home!”

— Sanjay, Michigan

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