The Longer You Look,
The More You'll See

Wonder & Wander in the Monteverde Cloud Forests

Extending down the Caribbean and Pacific slopes of Costa Rica’s Continental Divide, the cloud forests of Monteverde house 50% of Costa Rica’s flora and fauna species.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Located just minutes from the hotel, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve protects 26,000 acres of rare cloud forest and houses multiple different biological zones, making it a true paradise for nature lovers.

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve

Head to the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve for a quieter hike where you’ll discover more than 100 mammal species, among them jaguars, sloths, howler monkeys and tapirs.

True Wildlife Sanctuaries

Shrouded in a constant cloud-like mist, our Cloud Forest reserves shelter some 400 bird species, 3,000 uniquely-adapted plant and orchid species, pumas, monkeys, endangered jaguars, endemic amphibians, and tens of thousands of insect varieties.

Costa Rica’s Most Famous Birding Destination

Keep your binoculars close to spot hundreds of exotic bird species including the iconic quetzal, the bare-necked umbrellabird, and the three-wattled bellbird.

Explore the trails with an expert guide who’ll help you discover the rich biodiversity of this ecosystem.

Biodiversity Found Nowhere Else on Earth

Unforgettable Monteverde

“Walk into the forest, close your eyes, and listen. Breathe. You’ll be amazed at the sheer volume of sounds and smells. You’ll catch whiffs of moss and ferns mixed with tree bark and bromeliads. You’ll see mushrooms and fungi. Tens of thousands of insects. Red-eyed stream frogs, stripe-tailed hummingbirds, white-faced monkeys, white-nosed coatis, two-toed sloths… The longer you look, the more you’ll see.”

— Matador Network

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