Conservation in the Cloud Forest

Nature Conservation

We’re fortunate to exist within one of the world’s rarest ecosystems. With such intense biodiversity on our doorstep, we make it our mission to minimize our footprint and keep things just as Mother Nature intended.

We’ve Planted Over 5,500 Native Plants

Reviving Senda Monteverde

When Senda’s owners found the hotel, it was in need of some love. For almost a decade, the once-iconic property – formerly known as the Sapo Dorado Hotel – had been left uncared for, and its once lush gardens had all but withered.

In the process of reviving the hotel, we’ve planted over 5,500 native plants and trees across our grounds so far, bringing life back to the land. And we’re just getting started!

Aguti Wildlife Reserve is Right on Our Doorstep

We support our neighboring wildlife reserve

We’re privileged to be located beside a private cloud forest reserve that’s teeming with biodiversity. And every guest of ours that visits makes a small contribution to its protection.

When you stay at Senda Monteverde, you’ll get complimentary access to the Aguti Wildlife Reserve all year round. We cover your entrance fees and do our part to conserve this parcel of rare cloud forest. Find out more here.

Monteverde Forest Clean-up

We volunteer in the community

We’ve partnered with Monteverde Forest Clean Up, a group of young locals dedicated to keeping Monteverde as nature intended.

Our staff members volunteer their time to help clean up the natural areas of the town that need a little extra love.

Future projects include the development of a new environmental education campaign in Monteverde, designed to tackle waste management issues at the source.

National Geographic Earth Changers

Proudly leading the way in eco-hospitality

As members of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Lodges, we’re proud to be world leaders in sustainable hospitality. National Geographic recently hailed Cayuga as Earth Changers in the World Legacy Awards.

This accolade recognizes cutting-edge leadership in environmentally friendly business practices and green technology, from renewable energy and water conservation to zero-waste systems and carbon-emissions reduction.

A Pilgrimage to Nature

“Monteverde is a Disneyland for eco-tourists. With its verdant cloud forest and 1,000 endemic plant species, Monteverde offers the pilgrimage to nature that many seek from the tropics.”

— The New York Times

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